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& awards

Our products have long been recognized as the best in the industry. And we just keep getting better!

RICOH REVIEWS & AWARDS (by camera model)

Steves Digicams
"The RR1's powerful features will satisfy the most discerning photographer and the automatic exposure control makes the camera remarkably easy to use."
Imaging Resources
"Bridge(s) the gap between the corporate business environment and digital imaging communications."

"...In conclusion, this camera is very well rounded. It's light, versatile, easy to use ... ... For now, we still give this camera two thumbs up!"

Jeff Keller

"Very responsive in terms of shutter lag, startup time, shot-to-shot speed; Most impressive dual AF system; Small, easy to hold body...."

Martin Kessel

"All in all, I have found this camera to be excellent value for money and a unit that produces good quality results..."


CRN Money Makers
"Specialized wireless partner programs such as Ricoh's (RDC-i700) will lead to improved technology and a better understanding of the business benefits of wireless..."
See What the Press Says!
Digital Photo Magazine
"I think the RDC-i700 is brilliant. I love it, and I've only just scratched the surface of its vast potential here. It takes high quality pictures and makes managing and sharing them easy......."

William Cheung - Editor
Digital Camera Magazine
"....the RDC-i700 is a real treat for the gadget freak and a superb digital camera to boot. The 3 million pixel output is very much on a par with the best conventional digicams, and for macro work it is pretty much unrivalled......."

Simon Joinson - Editor
British Journal of Photography
"....even without its bristling extras the RDC-i700 would be a worthwhile camera. With them, the RDC-i700 lifts digital cameras in to a new dimension."

Jon Tarrant - Editor
The Photographer Magazine
"Flip open the lid and you reveal not only a superbly laid out and clearly marked set of controls but also a 3.5" TFT colour screen. With four times the area of the typical monitor on a digital camera, it makes it a lot easier composing the picture and inputing commands.......operation is more intuitive and much quicker than most of the i-700's rivals...."

Steve Bavister - Editor
Time Magazine
"Ricoh's new digital camera delivers much more than pretty pictures. It ushers in a whole new era of wireless imaging by letting you post photos to the Web - then send them as e-mail to your friends...."

Anita Hamilton
T3 Magazine
"The RDC-i700 'image capturing device' tag may leave a lot to be desired, but really, what else would you call something that can capture still images and video clips, link to the Internet, check for e-mail and browse the Web, and keep tabs on the contacts you need to reach while out on the road...."

Rob Mead
"The RDC-7 is definitely meant to go places" by Dave Etchells
"...the RDC-7 is proof that you can make a digital camera compact and functional, as well as stylish."
A look at Ricoh's latest entry into the digicam world.
"'s a lot of camera for the money." by Howard Millman
"can only be qualified as truly innovative." by Denys Bouton
"a simple and easy to manipulate camera" by Denys Bouton
According to the editor, this was a digital camera that produced one of the best digital images in today's digital market.
One of the Editors' Top5 Semipro cameras.
A buyer's guide to digital cameras..
"The Ricoh RDC-5300 simply rocks." The Editors of MacHome Journal 8, 2000
Uncomplicated and easy to use, this new digital camera packs some unique features.
It made the Editors' Choice list.
Why this camera was given the Editor's Choice Award
A buyer's guide to digital cameras.
MacHome's Product Reviews consist of full-text reviews, apple ratings, and prices.

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