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Featuring Ricoh's complete Line of Digital Cameras ...

Below is a summary of Ricoh's exciting Digital Camera Lineup. If you wish to view a larger image and detailed information of a particular model, simply click the link labeled "View Product Details" or make your selection from the left navigation menu.

Introducing the Caplio RR1 The 4MP digital camera that fits in your pocket

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Caplio RR1 Caplio RR1
Offering tremendous value and style, the Caplio RR1 will undoubtedly appeal to the growing number of home and business power users searching for digital cameras with a difference. Incorporating the same dynamic and flexible multi-angle monitors from the RDC-7, and RDC-i700, the highly portable Caplio RR1 is a slim, beautifully crafted product that's the thinnest* in its class and comes loaded with plenty of multimedia functionality.
(* as of September 1, 2001 in 4-megapixel CCD digital camera category)

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Caplio RR1 Caplio RR30
Capture shots exactly as anticipated with a shutter response of just 0.22 second -the world's fastest* in its class. The Caplio RR30's shutter releases almost instantly once pressed enabling you to capture shots that would otherwise be missed on other digital cameras. It's ideal for taking pictures of moving objects .
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RDC-i700 RDC-i700
The World's first Internet-ready digital camera. Based off the RDC-7's image capture capabilities, this camera also provides the ability for users to send and receive images via e-mail, and to browse the Internet.
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A 3.34 million pixel CCD lays at the heart of this revolutionary camera. Capable of capturing full motion video and sound as well as ultrahigh resolution stills, the RDC-7's features and pocket sized form factor make it ultimate digital capture tool.
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RDC-6000 RDC-6000
Utilizing a 2.1 million pixel CCD, the RDC-6000 sets itself apart from other digicams due to it's versatility and affordability. Priced at just $399, the camera can capture full length videos in addition to stills and also may be used as an Internet Web cam for real-time video conferencing.
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RDC-5300 RDC-5300
Based off the Award-winning 2.3 million pixel design of the RDC-5000, the RDC-5300 supports additional features such as a 3X optical zoom, support for an external flash, and a Super Macro mode for extreme close-up photography.
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RDC-5000 RDC-5000
Combining a 2.3 million pixel CCD and a camera body wit 35mm-like features makes the RDC-5000 an ideal camera for the photo enthusiast who want the benefits of digital and the functionality and creativity of traditional film based cameras.
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Press Kit

#1Payday.Loans Near Me
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